Care for Some Spice?

I didn’t think I would blog about things other than travel but why not. I added a new favorite in my list of favorites this year and I thought I’d share it. I am such a big fan of Thai cuisine or should I say I’m addicted to Thai food and  of course New York has never disappointed my cravings. There’s no shortage of Thai restaurants here. In fact, where I live, I’m surrounded by the most authentic Thai restaurants you could ever find in the city. I guess it’s one of the many perks about living in a neighborhood dominated by Asians.:)

On New Year’s Day though, i ventured a little bit into Manhattan to indulge my appetite. I’ve passed by Spice Market a few times before but I never really paid much attention to it. After all, the name sounds more like a place to buy spices. When I found out it was a Southeast Asian restaurant owned by the acclaimed restaurateur Jean George, I suddenly felt the urge to go.  So, I booked a table for 2 for lunch and boy was I in for a big surprise! The place looked amazing. It looks like a Balinese temple yanked out of Bali and placed in the middle of the Meatpacking District. The ambience is so exotic and the food was uniquely presented. Apparently, Jean George traveled and lived in Southeast Asia and this is his take on Thai and Vietnamese street food.

We were given a table on the first floor which was kind of a tiny table for 2 but the decor makes up for it so i couldn’t really complain. I can see though that the place can get crammed up when it’s full.

It has 2 floors and there’s a bar on each floor. The downstairs area looked like a world of its own. It was gorgeous! I had to make a fake run to the bathroom which was located downstairs just to get a look of what’s down there. Haha! They have private rooms with cushioned seats  filled with pillows and the trek down the stairs is very dramatic. You have to go through this gazebo-like structure that makes you feel like you’re being transported into a secret world somewhere in Southeast Asia. Next time I go back I want to be seated downstairs!

It’s  hard to get a table for dinner but not so much for lunch. The price is pretty decent too which was very surprising considering it’s a Jean Georges restaurant. They had a pre fixe lunch menu for $24! Not bad at all and the portions are just right unless you’re a big eater. We finished everything on our plate. I would definitely go back. And oh, did I mention that the servers were all good looking? Well, maybe not all but the women sure looked pretty in their long outfits that showed off their bare backs(just like the one shown in the photo below).

Obviously, because this restaurant is owned by Jean George the expectations come automatically high and I have to say i wasn’t disappointed. The place is very chic and trendy and the food was good. It’s slightly fusion so it’s not really that authentic but it’s good enough for my palate. I give this place two thumbs up for decor, service, and of course the food.


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