Pacifica’s Hidden Gem


It was a view that stuck.  A natural beauty that’s hard to forget.  A place so serene it’s almost hypnotizing. It a place I’d remember somewhere in Pacifica California. A  beach city about 15 minutes south of San Francisco and apparently one of the best surfing destinations in the US.  I had the opportunity to visit this lovely town when I went to visit a friend on my trip to San Francisco. It was a brief visit but certainly became one of the highlights of our trip.  

I went to see my friend Kate at her lovely home that sits at the top of the hill overlooking the pacific ocean. The beach is within walking distance from her house so while waiting for dinner to cook we took a walk with her husband Richard and son Lucas to the beach. Being from New York, we don’t really get to casually walk to the beach while dinner is cooking so that in itself was already a treat. We strolled along these little trails and wooden paths in an open grassland with wildflowers.  It was a pretty nice walk  and we climbed up these steps that led to the top of the hill  and what  greeted us at the top  was more than exceeded my expectations. You get an unobstructed view of the beach and the city of Pacifica which sort of shimmered on the horizon, a dramatic coastline and the ocean.  The view  was  breathtaking!  There’s something about the sound of the ocean too and the touch of the wind on your face that is so calming.  It was quiet and relaxing and the weather was perfectly clear so it was nice to just stand there and gaze out in the ocean. There was a bench there too which  made it even more picturesque and if you sit there long enough, the sound of the crashing waves could either lull you to sleep or inspire you to write a book.:) It’s definitely one of the most tranquil places I’ve ever been to and certainly one of my favorites.  For some reason I can’t forget about the place. I wish we had more time to sit there and marvel at the view. Great spot for a picnic too. I  consider myself fortunate to have seen it(thanks to Kate, Rich, and Lucas). I would love to go back and this time around, with a book in my hand, i will sit on that bench until my butt hurts and savor the view to my heart’s content.


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