About Me

A mother and a wife who loves to travel and discover different things and places. I play guitar a little bit and loves music. I also love to sing with my friends, dance, plan parties, and eat out. I love flowers too.  I occasionally make flower arrangements for weddings and other events to satisfy my hobby.  I’m a casual runner, and now a blogger. I love having “me” moments too. Something that some people don’t quite get about me but I love being alone once in a while and that’s when I usually get inspired to write about things.

People blog for a million different reasons about a million different things and it’s definitely a great way to inform and educate but for me, this blog is mostly a compilation of my experiences and what not.  My own take on different things that make my world interesting but mostly about how I see the world through travel. Besides being a mother, traveling is my greatest passion and when I travel, I travel with all my heart. I love going to different places and learn different cultures and make friends. This blog is dedicated to my daughter. I don’t get to travel with her as much as I want to so I blog about my trips hoping one day she would read them and discover a world discerned through her mother’s eyes.

To everyone else, I just want to share the experience. Truly the world doesn’t have to know what I blog about but sharing it to friends and family makes it fulfilling.

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