Mont Tremblant – Skiing With A French Flair

The Mont Tremblant Resort is definitely my favorite ski destination in the Northeast. I’ve never skied in Vermont so I won’t be able to compare it with any of the ski resorts there. It is however, at the top of my list for the next ski season so we’ll see if I’ll have a new favorite then. For now, Mont Tremblant is my no. 1.

I guess it’s safe to say that this resort brought the city of Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada on the map.  It’s about 7 1/2 hrs drive from New York and 90 mins North of Montreal. There are of course a lot of ways to get there but we prefer to drive. It works for us. You can also take the train or bus to Montreal then take the shuttle bus to Mont Tremblant or fly to Montreal or directly to Mont Tremblant International Airport. I’ve heard that direct flights to Mont Tremblant are kind of pricey so if money is not an issue then go for it. That would probably be the best way to get there. 

the gang

looking like aliens

There are many reasons I love going back there. Of course, its french flair and hospitality is one thing but I also do love that the slopes and the runs are pretty well planned. It’s a big mountain with two main sides. The North and the South. The South gives you initial access to the runs. The North is a little smaller but apparently has the same degree of cool riding. You get fresh snow everyday and the slopes are so wide that there’s always plenty of room for everyone. There’s also a good variety of runs for all types of skiers. So everyone can be happy. The only inconvenience that skiers might have to deal with is the temperature. It can get very very cold particularly the south side so make sure you layer up. No one goes to the summit without a ski mask! That explains why we looked like aliens up there. 🙂

lizzie and me

And the view! The view from the top is amazing. It overlooks the village that sits at the bottom of the mountain. The colorful buildings stand out against the white foreground and the frozen Mont Tremblant lake behind it completes the picturesque view.  The village is also home to the best creperie I’ve ever been to. One of the many reasons I love going back. A charming little chalet restaurant in the Pedestrian Village called Creperie Catherine. They have all kinds of crepes you can think of. My favorite was the seafood crepe with lobsters, shrimps, and scallops. It was soooo good!!! You have to try their french onion soup too.

There are also a lot of other restaurants and shops there so there are plenty of options for dining and shopping. Brasseries, cafe’s, chocolatiers, clothing boutiques, etc. line up the main pathway and around the whole village. They even have a Roots store if you want to bring home something Canadian. Lots of activities too. They have snow tubing, sleigh rides, dogsledding, horseback riding, ice climbing, ice skating, ice fishing, zip lining, etc. etc. There’s definitely something for everyone to do…skiers and non skiers alike.

snow ghosts

There are different options for lodging. There are a lot of hotels located in the village itself and a lot of condos or apartments within walking distance. We opted to rent a 2 bedroom condo which is merely 10 minutes walk to the village. It was a nice condo with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, and a washer and dryer. Last time I was in Tremblant we stayed at a hotel in the village which was right at the foot of the main lift. That would be a good choice too specially if you’d like to go out at night. It has easy access to the bars and restaurants and it gives you free access to their Aquaclub La Source. A fitness center with a huge indoor pool and outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Creperie Catherine

It was a great trip. We stayed for 3 nights and skied 2 days. It wasn’t enough if you ask me but it was all the time we had. Going back to New York, we had a little bit of extra time to spare so we stopped off at Montreal. We went to Mont Royal Park where you could see the skyline of downtown Montreal. We lucked out on the weather that day. It was bright and sunny so we got a clear view of the city. There’s actually a lot of things you can do and see in Montreal so if you have more time, it’s worth spending at least a day of sightseeing there. The Notre Dame Cathedral and St. Joseph’s Church are worth a visit.

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check out this video from our trip…


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