Soaking Up Aruba

My cousins and I have been talking about going away for a much-needed all girls vacation.  No husbands or boyfriends allowed! Just us girls on a beach away from all the hassle and bustle of our daily lives.  We all agreed to go to Aruba because none of us had been there.  I made the arrangements and off we go.

Aruba is one of the most popular destination in the Caribbean.  It’s a 4 hour flight from New York and 15 miles north of Venezuela.  It’s known for its white pristine beaches which are among the worlds best.  It’s flat and dry and lies outside the hurricane belt so it does attract tourists all year round.

We stayed at the RIU Palace.  An all-inclusive hotel located on Palm Beach. There was a bit of concern whether we should go all-inclusive or not because we did want to venture out and explore the whole island and try different cuisines.  On the other hand, we do know that eating out in the Caribbean can get very expensive and drinks can add up over the course of the day.  So, we decided to go all-inclusive so we didn’t have to stress out about spending more than we’re supposed to.  The RIU Palace did not disappoint us in spite of the mixed reviews on different travel sites online.  As soon as we arrived we didn’t have to open up our wallets again.  The mini bar was fully stocked and there was no shortage of drinks.  There  are a few restaurants to choose from if you prefer fine dining but their buffet style meals were good enough for us.  There was a huge selection of food and drinks. We’re not very picky so we really couldn’t complain about the food.

Our room was dead-on center.  We have the view of the pool and the ocean. They couldn’t have given us a better room.  The pool was humongous but beautiful. I love the white ambiance of the pool area. There was a swim up bar too which gets crowded around the afternoon so that’s when we head for the beach.  The beach was beautiful with white powdery sand and suitable for swimming.  The palapas were first come first serve so if you want to grab one you have to wake up early and put towels on the chairs and leave them there.  I’ve seen people wrap towels around palapas to reserve it and never come back until the end of the day. It doesn’t seem fair but that’s just how it’s done there.  By 8 am all palapas and chairs are taken.

We allocated one day to tour the island and chose to go on the Baby Beach Safari Tour.  Baby Beach is a white sandy beach in a calm lagoon with very clear turquoise water.  It’s great for snorkeling. You get to drive your own safari jeep on this tour which was fun. .  We drove off the beaten path for a couple of hours, visited a cave, walked on treacherous paths to take snapshots of the natural bridges, then cooled off at Aruba’s famous Baby Beach.  We had lunch there provided by the tour and we did some snorkeling too. It was a great tour that showed us two different sides of Aruba. It’s land and sea charms. It’s beauty and it’s ruggedness.

2 thoughts on “Soaking Up Aruba

  1. cookie

    all inclusive like all meals and drinks?? love!!!

    • yes! all meals, drinks and even the mini bar in your room is free:) they replenish it every day haha.

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