Weekend in Cape Cod

one of the most beautiful things God has created

The Cape as it is simply called by the locals is a mere 4 hour drive from New York City and a favorite weekend getaway by New Yorkers.  Like Martha’s Vineyard this was also my first visit to Cape Cod which is again a bit odd considering its close proximity to where I live.  I’ve planned countless times to go there but I guess I wasn’t assertive enough to follow through with the plan. I was very excited when I finally got the chance to go.

The Cape consists of three sections. The Upper Cape, the Mid Cape, and the Lower Cape. The Upper Cape is the closest to the mainland and you hit it first when your driving from New York.  The Lower Cape is all the way to the end and it’s where Provincetown and the Cape Cod National Seashore are  located.  Provincetown is at the very extreme tip of Cape Cod and probably the most diverse town in the Cape.  The gay community is very well represented there and apparently it’s a town loaded with art galleries, shops and restaurants. We didn’t get to go because of time constraints but I would love to go visit next time.

We stayed at this Bed and Breakfast called The Red Horse Inn in Falmouth.  The plan was to go to Martha’s Vineyard for a day so we wanted to stay at a place that required the least time of travel.  Falmouth is an ideal base for day-tripping to MV and to other nearby  towns including Provincetown and even Rhode Island which was also included in our itinerary.  The Red Horse Inn did not disappoint us.  Our room was very cozy and spotless.  No surprise it was voted the best B&B by the Cape Cod Life Magazine for  4 consecutive years. I highly recommend it.

The Red Horse Inn

No trip to Cape Cod should be without a visit to the National Seashore.  It literally took my breath away.  It’s a 44 mile stretch of ocean and beach and as you stand there and admire the view, you can’t help but feel so little and so unimportant.  I think it’s one of the most beautiful places God has ever created.  I couldn’t believe a place like this exists just a few hours away from New York City.  You look in the horizon and it feels like you’re in a different planet.   It’s great for soul searching.  It’s so beautiful and pristine that you don’t want to go there and swim.  You go to admire the view.  We stayed and sat there for a while and listened to the sound of the ocean.  We saw some dolphins playing in the surf too.  They came so close to shore at one point it was so cute!  

such beauty leaves you breathless

dolphins playing in the surf

Another thing you must do when you’re in Cape Cod is experience New England’s famous traditional clam bake.   We found this place called Lobster Shanty on our way to the seashore  so we went in and indulged our desire for lobsters. It was pretty decent.  I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve had but it was good enough and we enjoyed it. 

scallop stuffed lobster and lobster casserole at The Lobster Shanty

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