La Boqueria Market: Color and Contrast

It was in one of my morning walks that I discovered a market so vividly colorful. I’ve read about the La Boqueria market before but I didn’t realize that it was just a few blocks away from our hotel in Las Ramblas, Barcelona. So, one morning when everyone else in my party was still sleeping, I went to check it out.  The entrance to the market is nothing extraordinary but what awaits inside will no doubt captivate your eyes.  It’s almost like looking into a kaleidoscope.  The displays were so colorful and neatly laid out.  La Boqueria is one of the oldest public market in Europe and is considered to be one of the best. They sell vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, spices, fresh juices, and even candies.

Tourists are drawn to it for a good reason. I went when they were just opening and setting up so I was able to take photos with no hassle.  It’s a local market so it gets really crowded with the locals shopping and the tourists staring and taking photos.  The vendors don’t mind if you take photos of their stalls but I ended up buying some fresh mangoes, strawberries, and papayas because I felt bad and the fruits looked so good:) I also bought candies because they were so colorful and inviting. If you don’t mind the crowd and the smell of seafood, or even if you do, you should go see La Boqueria. It’s worth the visit!

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